Reduced Pricing: 75$ for full access to all past content and future content!

Current Goal: Eat larger proportions of richer foods to expand stomach capacity and curves. Reach 180 pounds, eventually. =] (Goal Reached! Onwards to 190!)

How to Become a VIP!
To become a VIP, I require a donation to help feed my tummy, replace my clothes, and other gainer related costs (you’d be surprised [lotions, specialized bras, etc] what I need).

Again, the buy in is to make it fair to all the other donators. I don’t want anyone to feel jipped by me letting other people buy in for a lot less and getting the same amount of content. And keep in mind that it is a lot of content! I have an archive of over a 1,000 HD pictures, over 70 HD videos, and plenty of blogs, Q/A’s, and surveys. As a VIP, you also get a lot more attention from me and you get to enjoy a lot more! =]

So. If you are still interested in donating, please shoot an email to

Thanks everyone! If you have any requests, questions, comments, concerns, etc. just message me! =]

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  1. kcebnor says:

    LOOKING GREAT!!! Anymore updates? Hope you’ve been steadily gaining:)

  2. Billyh123 says:

    Hi ACG. Some time ago I remember you mentioning the possibility of becoming pregnant with your boyfriend and your life moving on. I’m assuming that something along these lines is happening and wish you both the very best of luck. May you and yours always be in peace and with fulfillment. Sincerely, Bill

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