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(September 9, 2014: The Jeans Set)*

Thank you all for the love, I wish I knew that the glances I get are filled with the same admiration, but I have to wonder.
Here is my update for September. Hot off the ‘press’.
These shots were taken after a relatively average day of eating. Weight in most of these is 183. My weight progress has been slow, but my measurements have definitely seem some small improvements. I definitely LOOK and FEEL fatter than I ever have. People are starting to really notice all the weight now that I can’t hide it anymore.
I went clothing shopping recently, and got some new jeans (since all of you request it so). While there, the stares I got from my friends told me “You’re getting close to your goal”. =] I’m seeing where the weight takes me, but I fear I’ll hit a plateau for awhile until I break 190. Hopefully I can get to 200 before next year, as that’s the goal my man has set for me.

The blue jeans are 31/12 legging jeans (whatever that means) and I got black jeans that are a little bit big on me and size 16. Enjoy!

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(January 28th, 2013: Life Update)*

Hello everyone,
I’m writing this blog to give you all an update on my life and to tell you about the results of my experiment. I have both good news and bad news to give you in this blog. I’ll start with the good…

The good news.

The experiment went well in my opinion. The first two weeks I ate minimally during the day, with a large meal at night. This successfully broke my metabolism. I started to gain at faster rates than I have in the past. The next two weeks I was supposed to drastically increase my calorie intake; however I was bad about this. I did not overeat like I had intended to. Either money or other responsibilities always seemed to get in the way. Despite this, I continued to gain, probably due to my already broken metabolism. I reached my goal of 160 briefly—unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to keep this steady. Due to outside stressors in my life I dropped back down to 152. I am gradually climbing back up to 160, and I’m very excited to get my weight back—I was very much enjoying 160. I am currently around 155 lbs.

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(November 2012: Photos and Experiment Update)*

All in all, I have some good news. =] I’ve entered the second phase of my experiment. I’ll explain further on my tumblr, but for now just understand that I’m eating around 3200 calories a day (the majority from fat) doing so in three to four large meals a day with snacking/sipping in between. I’m trying to hit 3500 a day consistently, but its difficult. I figure the occasional shake makes up for them.

As of last night, (I had a small thanksgiving meal) I weighed 157 pounds -which is tied with my all time heaviest weight back in May 2011- and I measure a consistent 42” around my tummy. =] This is big improvement.

I also think that my weight has settled out well. My hips are showing signs of expansion. My rear has new stretchmarks (very happy about this. I’m quite shy about my rump). And as you’ll hopefully see in my new dailymotion video, my chest is getting…. fluffy. =P

Thank you all for your support and patience. I know I’m terrible at updating you all, but understand I’m still here and still gaining. =] I hope to reach a consistent 160 pounds before christmas. Shouldn’t be a problem with the holidays (EGGNOG). =]


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October 14th: My New Gaining Experiment

Come follow my new gaining experiment on tumblr: Sunday October 14, 2012: Day 1 So I’m doing an experiment. It is in two parts and lasts for a total of 42 days. For the first 21 days, I will be eating minimal amounts during the day and then end the day with a huge [...]

(October 18th: After All Day Stuffing)*

This is from after my all day stuffing. Somehow I was still hungry at this point! Honestly, I’ve never had this much of an appetite. The all day stuffing consisted of:
A large breakfast (cereal, toast, OJ, and some fruit)
A large platter of fish and rice.
Two boneless fillets, mashed taters, potato wedges, Dr.Pepper, and a biscuit from KFC.
A small bowl of Spaghetti and a litre of Juice.
After school I demanded another bowl of spaghetti. =P
I took a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with me (its gone now).
Again, after all this I was still hungry!

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(July 29th: Going Camping)*

Hey y’all! Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be going camping this Friday until Monday in the Sequoia National Forest! I’m super excited. =] My boyfriend and I are going with some friends. So lots of nomming, hiking, swimming, cooking, and such!

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(June 19th: First Challenge Blog!)*

Summer Challenge 2011—Day 8
June 19, 2011

Hello! This is ACG. It has been a week since I started my Summer Challenge 2011 drinking a shake a day from Coldstone, and I’m loving every ounce! The PB&Cs have been wonderful, and I would like to thank you all for your donations and your patience!

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