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(September 2016: Video Collection)*

6 VIP videos from my big return to gaining. I have started drinking weight gain shakes again and they seem to be working quite well!

Shake ~5 Cup recipe:
Optimum Nutrition Weight Gain Powder (Half serving), 40 oz whole milk, 8 oz heavy whipping cream, 4 tbsp ovaltine/nesquick powder, 2 tbsp creamy Peanut Butter, dash honey/sugar

I would have added about 5 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream if I hadn’t have eaten it the week prior. =/

Total calories: 2500 without ice cream, 3200 (!) with the ice cream

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December 2014: Non-VIP videos (Free!)

Here are 4 videos from December 2014 that I uploaded to my youtube. For VIPs that don’t follow me on curvage, these may be new to you! 1. Water chug and measurements 2. After water chug lotioning my belly 3. Milkshake chug and belly play 4. Trying on a pair of my largest jean shorts [...]

(December 2014: Butt Play)*

I tend to show off my large belly in most of my videos, but this time I wanted to focus a bit on my growing bubble butt. I never had any butt before starting this gaining journey, so I am very happy to have something to play with back there now! =P

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