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(August 2014: Workout!)*

So now that I am over 180 lbs, I thought it would be a good time to try another workout. I attempted pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, and even run around outside so you can see how jiggly I’ve gotten. =P

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(July 19, 2014: KFC Stuffing Commission )*

So one of my fans (Bradley) commissioned a KFC stuffing in the smallest shirt I still own. It really showed off my belly button and I had to eat at the restaurant in my tight little jeans shorts and shirt. =P With my all day stuffing yesterday and this today, these newly added pounds are definitely sticking around! I hope you enjoy, three videos from the restaurant included as well.

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(November 2013: Eating Pie )*

Videos of me eating a delicious pie after stuffing my belly at a buffet. I started the stuffing at 165 and reached 169 before this pie. I should have weighed in after to see if I was 170, but I was too full and lazy. =P Enjoy (I sure did)!

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