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(September 9, 2014: The Jeans Set)*

Thank you all for the love, I wish I knew that the glances I get are filled with the same admiration, but I have to wonder.
Here is my update for September. Hot off the ‘press’.
These shots were taken after a relatively average day of eating. Weight in most of these is 183. My weight progress has been slow, but my measurements have definitely seem some small improvements. I definitely LOOK and FEEL fatter than I ever have. People are starting to really notice all the weight now that I can’t hide it anymore.
I went clothing shopping recently, and got some new jeans (since all of you request it so). While there, the stares I got from my friends told me “You’re getting close to your goal”. =] I’m seeing where the weight takes me, but I fear I’ll hit a plateau for awhile until I break 190. Hopefully I can get to 200 before next year, as that’s the goal my man has set for me.

The blue jeans are 31/12 legging jeans (whatever that means) and I got black jeans that are a little bit big on me and size 16. Enjoy!

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(August 2014: Workout!)*

So now that I am over 180 lbs, I thought it would be a good time to try another workout. I attempted pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, and even run around outside so you can see how jiggly I’ve gotten. =P

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(August 2014: Swimsuits and More)*

I needed a new swimsuit as all of my old ones are obviously outgrown at this point. I took some dressing room photos as a tried on a bunch of different ones. I also tried on a pair of jeans as I haven’t had a pair that I could button in quite some time. There are also some photos of new workout gear and dresses. Enjoy!

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(July 19, 2014: KFC Stuffing Commission )*

So one of my fans (Bradley) commissioned a KFC stuffing in the smallest shirt I still own. It really showed off my belly button and I had to eat at the restaurant in my tight little jeans shorts and shirt. =P With my all day stuffing yesterday and this today, these newly added pounds are definitely sticking around! I hope you enjoy, three videos from the restaurant included as well.

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