September 2016: Video Collection

6 VIP videos from my big return to gaining. I have started drinking weight gain shakes again and they seem to be working quite well!

Shake ~5 Cup recipe:
Optimum Nutrition Weight Gain Powder (Half serving), 40 oz whole milk, 8 oz heavy whipping cream, 4 tbsp ovaltine/nesquick powder, 2 tbsp creamy Peanut Butter, dash honey/sugar

I would have added about 5 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream if I hadn’t have eaten it the week prior. =/

Total calories: 2500 without ice cream, 3200 (!) with the ice cream

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February 2015- June 2015: Non-VIP Videos (Free!)

For anyone checking out the site who is not a VIP yet, here is a free taste from a few of the recent updates. These videos obviously do not reveal as much as the VIP content, but there really has not been much free content lately to update you all on what I look like (Hint: I might be a bit getting just a bit chubby these days =P)

The first video is a belly play from my February update, the second is from March and the third is from June 2015.
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